Friday, 18 July 2014


So first off settlement for the land was on the 15th YAY!!!!

Today though we went in for our meeting with the tile consultant.  We had been into Beaumont Tiles twice to have a look at the range and fell in love with the wood like tiles as we like wooden floors but the tiles are easier to maintain and a lot cheaper.  We also wanted some chocolate/latte sought of colours for the house and found a few we liked and made a wish list and then a safe list.

The safe list included tiles that were within the range for Coral Homes that wouldn't cost us anything as we only had a small budget for tiles.

We went in with the list of tiles that we liked and the lady gave us some great news that the tiles in our wish list we had wouldn't cost us anything (no extra labor costs) because Coral expanded their range to include a few more tiles.  So now we don't have to fork out over a grand to get the wooden look tile in the below pictures that we wanted and could spend the money on the kitchen splash back which will be the orange tile that will be 100mmx300mm size laid horizontally.

The wall tile will be laid horizontally as well.

The WC and the laundry will have the wet floor tile as the floor and the skirting tile while the splash back in the laundry will be the white wall tile.

The kitchen and bathroom cabinets are going to be the laminex sample with Osprey ceasarstone just like in the below picture.

And for carpets maybe something this colour?

 All the tiles together.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Possible Colour Choices/Ideas

We have researched a few ideas about tile colour and materials that we want to include in the house

We are both liking a dark brown/dark colour for the cupboards with a light colour for the bench tops and even though I like the bright colour for the splash back my partner wants a dark splash back

Luckily the picture on the house and land pamphlet has the type of colours we liked except the garage door was a dark chocolate colour then the white that's pictured.  I am hoping that we will get the 1200mm wide door stained in a nice dark stain as well.


Well we received a tendor last friday to have a look and they included pretty much what we asked for and the majority of it will cost less then what the sales consultant quoted for the changes :)

We included some cavity slider doors to seperate bedroom 4 from the house and allow it to be part of our private space and the other near the entry hall way.  Mostly for privacy but also to help with cooling and heating costs.

There were a few charges that we were not sure on why it was included.  Things like charges to have services connected as it was stated that there would be an allowance in the house and land price.  But there was an additional charge because the cost for underground services was more then the allowance.  No need for any retaining walls thank god!  The only thing they seemed to have got wrong was that we requested an extra 13 data points and they only included an extra 5.....not too sure but that is quite a bit of a difference to what was requested haha.

Though there were a few happy surprises like on the plans it shows that all bathroom vanities will actually have 20mm cesaerstone which I asked about after we signed the plans to the sales consultant and she mentioned that they should not be included because that option was in a higher package being offered :D

A few extras that we are glad we included was the extra shower head in the en-suite shower.